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SUGARDAY Soap Dispensing Dish Brush Set Kitchen Scrub Brush with Stand 3 Brush Replacement Heads

SUGARDAY Soap Dispensing Dish Brush Set Kitchen Scrub Brush with Stand 3 Brush Replacement Heads

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SUGARDAY Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser - Professional Cleaning Tool for Kitchen

Are you still worried about the leaking problem of the silicone button?Are you still struggling to look for a long-lasting and practical dish brush? Don't worry! SUGARDAY Upgraded Soap Dispensing Dish Brush is designed with fully covered silicone rubber button . stainless steel handle . premium PP bristles . which releases all your concerns. A reliable Kitchen Helper!

Fully Covered Silicone Rubber Button - Different from other dish brushes . our dish brush is filled with dish soap from the bottom of the handle instead of from the button . and the button is fully sealed by top grade silicone rubber . so the button won't tear up or leak water during use. You can rest assure to use the soap dispensing dish brush.

Premium PP bristles is durable . they hold their shape and won't wear out easily. Powerful cleaning effect . easily scrub away dirt. Flexible enough to reach every corner. Easy to clean and rinse.

The scraper on backside of Brush is designed to remove stuck-on food and stubborn stains. With our practical dish brush . you can easily handle the dirty countertop . sink . tiles . stove . etc.

Well-built stainless steel handle is sturdy and long-lasting . which can withstand frequent daily use. Unlike the plastic handle of dish brush . it's pretty solid and won't break easily.

Wide Applications: SUGARDAY multi-purpose kitchen brushes for dishes can be used to clean dishes . pot . pan . bowls . plates . cutting board . sinks . kitchenware . counter-top . stove . tile . etc. Easily scrub away stains and leave a clean and tidy kitchen for you. One brush meets all your needs in cleaning!

Installation Guide:

1.Align the slot and insert the handle into the brush head.

2.Anti-clock rotate the brush head to lock it.

3.Unscrew the end cap of the dish wand.

4.Add detergent/dish soap into the the handle.

5.Screw the cap and push the button to release liquid.

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