Pyro Putty

The best fire starter on the market! Don't be stuck ever again without a way to create a life saving fire!
  • IDEAL FOR - Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency Preparedness, 72 Hour Kit, Outdoor Activities, Winter Activities
  • MULTIPLE FIRES PER CAN! Up to 12 Wet Fires | Up to 30 Dry Fires.
  • BURNS ANYWHERE - Fully Waterproof this will burn while floating on Water! Pliable/Moldable - Stick this anywhere and light! Stick to the end of a stick and create your own torch!
  • EASILY IGNITED - Ignite by using a flame, Spark, Ferro Rod, Plasma Arc, Magnifying Glass
  • LONG BURN TIME - Quarter Size Ball = 15+ Minutes of Burn Time!!

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